I Sold The Wrong House

I sold the wrong house - Live In The South Bay - Daryl Palmer Beach homes

I Sold The Wrong House

It was bound to happen eventually. I sold the wrong house! Annnnd… you’re probably wondering how I knocked on the wrong door and I sold the wrong house to my client? GPS challenged? Can’t read numbers? How do you show up at the wrong address and wander through the house full of people watching the Super Bowl and the owner is wondering why I’m there in his house… did I mention it was during the Super Bowl?

My buyer obviously could only see this one house on a Sunday afternoon & that particular Sunday afternoon was the Super Bowl. And it was getting dark…so maybe I was having trouble seeing the house numbers? 

Why Didn’t Anyone Try To Stop Me?

Obviously I was in the wrong house but no one said anything. The owner is following me around looking at my business card & wondering why I’m interrupting his Super Bowl party… meanwhile helping ourselves to the snacks in the kitchen and later sitting on the couch to watch the end of the game.

And why am I shoving a contract into his face?

And why is he signing it? Hmmm maybe he knows something about the house that we don’t? Hmmmmm.

Actually NONE of these questions are answered in this video because it all happened so quickly & I sold the wrong house. Whoops! *No house was sold, hurt or damaged in this video… except for maybe that doorbell…


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